The Impersonation…~SOLC 31 of 31

Cupcakes…the impersonation of the classic shaped cake…yet though I prefer the standard tastes of layered cake, for the cakes has a protruding flavor of being, “home-made” I am all-in-all able to give in on, my opinion that cupcakes are increasingly more delicate and more visually pleasing, than the many layered cakes found in bakeries…The thoroughly whipped frosting, dyed to the color of your liking, topped with the pieces of fruit, candy, or the spice you so desired, the taste also lingering in the baked, moist batter of the cupcake…providing an absolute extravagant twist to the typical cakes, you would buy. Well, or maybe it’s just me, for I had always found food being on a miniaturized scale increasingly more visually pleasing…!

One thought on “The Impersonation…~SOLC 31 of 31

  1. I planned on just reading these today but couldn’t resist stopping and complimenting your beautiful writing.

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