Blooming In Pink!!~SOLC 28 of 31

The color pink, had always fascinated me…I had always found the color absolutely extravagant. I loved ¬†how the color was red, but not necessarily red, how it was white, but not necessarily white…It was the color of my favorite stuffed dog, my beloved desk, which I’ve had written many of my doubts, worries, and joys, my first souvenir from an well planned experience, my nick-name, and the color of my child-hood bedroom. For this is my primary reason for loving this particular spring! I am near the mere tail of ecstatic, for whenever I step outside (though I don’t care for warm weathers) I am surrounded by, blessings of pink colored flowers blooming, as if signalling all my doubts, and worries from my diary all out, and spiraling onward into the shrouded, yet clarified sky…

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